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Hello there. Marc Fest here, the founder of Elevator Speech Training.

I hope this finds you well.

When the virus hit, I didn’t quite know what the impact would be on offering this training. Would people be too stressed out to want to do it? Would it be a welcome distraction? Could it help with venting some of the stress? Would it add to stress?.

I’m happy to share that the overwhelming reaction has been one of appreciation, sometimes tinged with a hint of surprise. I got a lot of comments at the end of sessions that went like this: “I almost rescheduled since I’m so stressed out, but this was fun, and I’m actually feeling energized now.”

Below are some more recent testimonials from participants that speak to this.

Be well and happy,


“As I was struggling with stress and lack of concentration amidst the rapidly changing public health situation, the training brought my mental focus back on the purpose of my work. “
Sayuri Romei, Public Policy Fellow, Wilson Center

“I know it feels like it’s impossible to prioritize this training in our new reality. But in my humble opinion, it is important now more than ever.”
Roshni Melia, Program Consultant, Media Impact Funders

“Although I have felt a lot of anxiety in my work and home life during this pandemic, I appreciated the Elevator Speech training I recently had with Marc Fest.”
Stanley Thompson, Senior Director Education; Director, Pittsburgh Readiness Institute, The Heinz Endowments

“I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the changes due to Coronavirus. But I’m so glad that I didn’t reschedule. The training ended up being one of the high points of my day!”
Valerie Newsome Garcia, Assistant Professor, Morehouse School of Medicine

“With the coaching, we pivoted to develop a stronger story for our new, virtual house parties that allow us to continue our fund raising.”
Sara Sinaiko, Director of Development, Fair Food Program

“I found it very helpful to practice my elevator pitch with Marc while working from home during COVID-19 social distancing.”
Elizabeth Threlkeld, South Asia Program Deputy Director and Fellow, Stimson Center

“It was important to me to keep my elevator speech training session with Marc during this pandemic, as now more than ever it’s critical to be able to express mine and my organization’s value.”
Sabira De Piero, Executive Producer, Media Impact Funders

“Despite facing the everyday stress of the Coronavirus pandemic, I found Marc’s elevator pitch training to be incredibly useful.”
Jamie Withorne, Research Assistant, James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies

“Even given all of the anxiety and uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, the training helped me focus on how important my work is.”
Natalia Slavney, Research Assistant, Stimson Center

“I participated in the training in the midst of a plethora of daunting challenges caused by the coronavirus pandemic, and am pleased to report that the training was well worth the time.”
Chandra Jackson, Investigator/Epidemiologist, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (JPB EH program)

“In the midst of this pandemic chaos, working with Marc was a breath of fresh air.”
Katherine Dickinson, Assistant Professor, Department of Environmental and Occupational Health, Colorado School of Public Health

“Marc Fest really helped me find my voice, it was already there, but it was lacking structure, emotion, and impact. Marc showed me how to craft my elevator speech to be more impactful with a logical flow, personalizing it more, using examples and facts, and by framing the urgency of the work that my non profit does in the context of the current pandemic.”
Rasha Mhmoud, donor relations specialist, MIRA Coalition