“In a short hour I went from a decent pitch to a targeted, clear, well-focused ask.”

Joshua Ginsberg, President Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies


“This one hour was more impactful for me than days I spent in other communications trainings.”

Dan Nissenbaum, CEO, Low Income Investment Fund


“In one hour, I was able to see more clearly how we can better illustrate the need for our work.”

Diane McCloskey, Executive Director, CLEARCorps Detroit


"Marc zeroed in on exactly what I needed to do to improve my speaking. "

Ashley Lowe, CEO, Lakeshore Legal Aid


"If only all my one-hour meetings were so productive!"

Priya Jayachandran, CEO, National Housing Trust


"I wish every community organizer in America could have this one-hour training.”

Madeline Janis, Executive Director, Jobs to Move America


"I had no idea so much could be done in just one hour. Total game-changing work!"

Heather Ferguson, Executive Director, Common Cause New Mexico


"It was refreshing to come away with new ideas in such a short amount of time."

Suzanne Graham, President, Downtown Akron Partnership


"This is seriously one of the best trainings I have ever received."

Marielena Hincapie, Executive Director, National Immigration Law Center


"I have never experienced a more streamlined and helpful one-hour training session."

Ben Strauss, CEO and Chief Scientist, Climate Central


"Marc’s insights are exceptionally productive in a very short amount of time. "

Kevin Cadette, Executive Director, Black Angels Miami


"Marc's training was like hitting a re-start button on our usual framing."

Gladys Limon, Executive Director, California Environmental Justice Alliance (CEJA)


"In just one hour with Marc, I was able to develop usable talking points."

Debra Cronmiller, Executive Director, League of Women Voters of Wisconsin


"Miraculous improvements… in one fast-paced hour."

Roz Savage, Author, Environmentalist, First woman to row solo across three oceans


“An approachable, interactive and energetic coaching style made the training easy to apply!”

Nicole Melaku, Executive Director, National Partnership for New Americans


We specialize in efficiency: Just one or two Elevator Speech Training sessions will enhance your persuasiveness, boost your confidence, and simplify communicating complex subjects. Employing a hybrid training approach, AI chatbot Elvy from our ElevatorSpeech.AI platform preps you before your face-to-face with Marc. Elvy can even lead standalone, one-on-one training sessions for larger organizations who want to train their entire staff – regardless of scale.

Curious? Let’s talk.

What You Get

Have a framework for any speaking situation.

Our training offers you the 10-step Elevator Speech Framework that you can use as a skeleton structure to master any speaking situation, including one-on-one conversations. It makes preparing for or even winging a speaking challenge as easy as painting by numbers.

Increase confidence and gravitas.

Anxiety about public speaking is natural because our brains are hard-wired to fear rejection. The training offers a systematic approach to managing your fear not by trying to vanquish it but by befriending it. In the process, you will also learn tools to “prime your brain” before entering a speaking situation.

Discover how to be most interesting.

When making a first impression, being interesting is far more critical than being informative. The unique way we go about our work is often more interesting than what we do. The training offers a framework to identify what is most interesting about your work and for communicating it effectively.

Get your listeners to trust you.

In all situations, mutual trust is crucial for people to realize the full potential of collaboration and connection. The training gives you an easy, surprising, and highly effective step-by-step approach for getting your listeners to experience a “trust boost” towards you.

Solve the challenge of having too much to say.

A common challenge our clients experience is having to convey to listeners the complexity and sheer volume of their work. The training offers a solution to this problem. It leaves your listeners looking forward to continuing the conversation with you. It even turns them into messengers to others about your work.

Create a frame of relevance and purpose.

Everyone focuses on their day-to-day work. That focus often becomes the first thing we discuss when explaining what we do. The Elevator Speech Framework helps ensure that you step back at the beginning of speaking situations to answer the question, “why does it all matter?”

How We Work, Step by Step

#1: We learn about you.

We do research about your work and your professional background to customize the training to your specific needs and context.

#2: You prepare a bit.

Preparing is as quick as answering these three short questions. If you want to prepare more deeply, simply use our preparation worksheet.

#3: We do the training.

The training comprises one or two Zoom calls. Each requires one hour and is one-on-one. Expect a fun workshop atmosphere where trial and error is OK.

#4: We follow up.

After the session, we’ll send you an email with a summary of your specific key take-aways. We’ll touch base a couple times a year to reinforce what you’ve learned.

Success Metrics

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Elevator Speech Training by Marc Fest distills insights from thousands of Elevator Speech Training sessions into a 60-minute read. Clients receive a complimentary copy.

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“If only all my one-hour meetings were so productive!”

Priya Jayachandran, CEO, National Housing Trust


“Elevator Speech Training helped us translate our successes more clearly to crucial investors like Morgan Stanley.”

Julia Kumari Drapkin, CEO, ISeeChange


“This one hour was more impactful than days I have spent in other communications trainings.”

Dan Nissenbaum, CEO, Low Income Investment Fund


“Marc’s Elevator Speech Training was, quite simply, transformational.”

Heidi Binko, Executive Director & Co-founder, Just Transition Fund


“I have never experienced a more streamlined, to-the-point, and helpful one-hour training session.”

Ben Strauss, CEO and Chief Scientist, Climate Central


“Marc’s training was like hitting a re-start button.”

Gladys Limon, Executive Director, California Environmental Justice Alliance


Click here to browse more testimonials and here for a client list.

About Marc Fest

Marc Fest

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Marc Fest is a communications expert who helps clients increase interest in their cause by changing how they talk about what they do.

He created MessageHouse.org, a free toolkit used by thousands of NGOs, companies, nonprofits, and governments around the world to create effective key messages and improve messaging discipline.

Marc has also served as the Vice President of Communications for the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation and the New World Symphony.

He is the author of several books, including “Elevator Speech Frameworks,” “The Message House Method,” and “Farm Stories.”

Marc lives on a remote farm on the edge of the Everglades with his dog Zeus and a variety of animals, including lizards, hawks, and raccoons. He occasionally shares short stories on his website, mf.ly.

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