Elevate how you communicate.

In just one video-call training session.


Train from anywhere.

You only need a computer and a quiet place.


"As I was struggling with stress and lack of concentration amidst the rapidly changing public health situation, the training brought my mental focus back on the purpose of my work. "

Sayuri RomeiPublic Policy Fellow, Wilson Center

"I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the changes due to Coronavirus. But I’m so glad that I didn’t reschedule. The training ended up being one of the high points of my day!"

Valerie Newsome GarciaAssistant Professor, Morehouse School of Medicine

"With the coaching, we pivoted to develop a stronger story for our new, virtual house parties that allow us to continue our fund raising."

Sara SinaikoDirector of Development, Fair Food Program

"In the era of Covid 19, fundraising and distinguishing our value add is more important that ever to small nonprofits like NHT. If only all my one-hour meetings were so productive!"

Priya JayachandranCEO, National Housing Trust

"In the midst of this pandemic chaos, working with Marc was a breath of fresh air."

Katherine DickinsonAssistant Professor, Department of Environmental and Occupational Health, Colorado School of Public Health

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What We Do

We help you communicate successfully in situations that are important to you. Our coaching has always been exclusively by video call. All you need is a computer and a quiet place. You can train from your home, your office, or anywhere.

Speak Effectively

Convince with ease.

Create urgency.

Reduce complexity.

Instill confidence.

Prompt action.

Succeed in Interviews

Be ready for prime time.

Deflect difficult questions.

Stay on message.

Perfect your body language.

Know interview ground rules.

 Think Out Loud Together

Test-drive different messages.

Get rapid-response input.

Rehearse conversations.

Count on candid reactions.

Depend on confidentiality.

Have a Method

Our nine-step Elevator Speech Framework
informs every coaching session
with a methodical approach
to sharpening your narrative.


Download the Framework


“In the midst of this Corona chaos, working with Marc was a breath of fresh air.”

Katherine Dickinson
Assistant Professor, Department of Environmental and Occupational Health, Colorado School of Public Health

“Seriously one of the best trainings I ever had.”

Marielena Hincapie
Executive Director, National Immigration Law Center

“With the coaching, we developed a stronger story for our new, virtual house parties.”

Sara Sinaiko
Director of Development, Fair Food Program

“It helped me gain a better sense of who I am and what I should still value despite these uncertain times.”

Stanley Thompson
Senior Director Education; Director, Pittsburgh Readiness Institute, The Heinz Endowments

“Marc did a phenomenal job.”

Sara Kutchesfahani
Director, N Square DC Hub (video)

“My grantees loved the training.”

Geri Mannion
Program Director, Carnegie Corporation of New York

“I found it to be extremely useful.”

Diane Samuels
Vice President, Talent and Human Resources, Ford Foundation

“I wish I would have had this training earlier.”

Kyle Kutuchief
Program Director, Knight Foundation (video)

“The coaching was invaluable.”

Damian Thorman
Former Director, White House Social Innovation Fund

“As sophisticated as it was supportive.”

Wally Patawaran
Program Officer, JPB Foundation

“It helped me hone my message.”

Shelly Prichard
President and CEO, Wichita Community Foundation

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“The video call medium is surprisingly well suited for this kind of coaching because it creates a private space in which participants can step outside their comfort zones and test-drive new approaches to getting their message across.”

Marc Fest, Founder, Elevator Speech Training

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Happy Face Awareness

A client the other day requested a whole elevator speech training session focused on learning how to have a positive facial expression during a TV interview. Watch this video about one of the key takeaways from that session.
May 10, 2020

We now have a 501(c)(3) arm through NEO Philanthropy

Elevator Speech Training now has a 501(c)(3) arm through NEO Philanthropy, a New York-based 30-year-old nonprofit rated four stars by Charity Navigator. Launched in 1983 as Public Interest Projects (PIP), NEO Philanthropy is a 501(c)(3) public charity. NEO brings together and strengthens the work of philanthropic institutions, nonprofit groups and…
April 30, 2020
quick thought

Training in the times of a pandemic

Hello there. Marc Fest here, the founder of Elevator Speech Training. I hope this finds you well. When the virus hit, I didn't quite know what the impact would be on offering this training. Would people be too stressed out to want to do it? Would it be a welcome…
April 30, 2020
quarterly update

How to talk about yourself. But not too much.

This quarter's update focuses on a small but meaningful improvement to the Elevator Speech Framework that every training session is based on. I’ve called this most recent modification the "More Transition" because the word "more" plays an important role in it. Here is how it works: Almost at the end…
March 8, 2020
quarterly update

New tool to check for clarity

Please check out our new readability analyzer. You can paste any text into it, and the tool will color-code each sentence according to how easy it is to understand. You can spot potential problem sentences at a glance. Green means easy, and Red means difficult. If you see a red…
March 8, 2020
quarterly update

On the role of social status

If you’re in the mood to read an interesting book on elevator speech making, I recommend “Pitch Anything” by Oren Klaff. If you watch some interviews with Klaff on Youtube, you can tell that he is a pretty alpha Wall Street type of guy. Sure enough, what makes his approach unique is the emphasis on…
March 8, 2020

Elevator Speech Training is a 501(c)(3) fiscal sponsorship project of NEO Philanthropy.