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Hey there, I’m Marc, the guy behind elevator speech training.
Welcome to this quick online course.
I’ve designed it to help you make any point convincingly.
Being good at making your point is like having a secret sauce for
opening doors and reaching your goals.
Let me show you a brief example of making a point convincingly.
It includes just three steps:
Claim, evidence, conclusion.
It’s the formula that we’ll cover in this course.
I call it the Elevator Speech Framework.
So here’s what making my point convincingly might sound like:
Here’s the thing: We have developed a new method for
overcoming homelessness using artificial intelligence.
For example, our system uses AI to connect the dots between data points like
somebody’s employment status, their health history, their housing situation.
And using this approach,
we’ve been able to get to zero homelessness in three pilot cities last year.
The New York Times just last week called us the “Tesla of
Community Transformation” in a Front Page Story.
The bottom line is, our method works.”
Sounds persuasive, right?
This course will guide you in making your own point just as convincingly using
the same three steps: Claim, evidence, conclusion.
You can use this formula for any point you’ll ever make.
The course should take you about 20 minutes to complete.
If you need to pause, simply hit the “save and continue later” button.
At the end of the course, you’ll receive your script via email,
plus a couple of one pages explaining how to use the three-step formula in
various speaking situations.
All right, it’s time to dive in.
Please click “next” to get started.