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Welcome to step three, the conclusion or as I like to call it, your “landing line.”
This is the thought that you want to stick in your listeners’ minds.
It needs to be concise. Ideally,
it repeats the most relevant idea from your claim.
Being brief in your landing line is also a show of confidence.
It’s like saying, “I know my value proposition and I don’t need to ramble on.”
Use a lead-in phrase like, “the bottom line is…,” to signal that you’re ready to land
and focus attention, but maintain a conversational tone like the landing phrase
in our homelessness example: “The bottom line is our method works.”
Avoid marketing jargon like, “The bottom line is we use innovative strategies to
generate a sustainable competitive advantage.” Don’t do that.
So give it a whirl, enter your landing phrase into the green area and hit next.