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Our Secret Sauce

Clients can master our eight-step approach in just one 60-minute video call training session:

The Elevator Speech Framework enables you to immediately start avoiding the most common pitching mistakes.

Specific training outcomes include:

  • Describing your work in one jargon-free and compelling sentence
  • Conveying the critical importance of what you do
  • Differentiating yourself from others
  • Instilling confidence and trust
  • Showing the right amount of emotion
  • Being crystal-clear about what actions listeners should take

You will also learn how to use the “power of pausing,” and how to, once and for all, get rid of filler words like “um” and “you know.”

Clients prepare for the training with three steps:

  1. Identifying the most relevant communications scenario
  2. Defining what you want your audience to do
  3. Filling in the blanks in the Elevator Speech Framework

Each training session is customized based on: 

  • Research on the client’s work and background
  • Materials sent by the client ahead of the session
  • Our experience from prior work within the client’s organization or industry

All training sessions are by video call, one-on-one, and confidential. They are conducted by Marc Fest, CEO and founder of EST.

Your 60-minute training session includes:

  • Applying the framework to concrete scenarios
  • Roll-playing with immediate feedback
  • Analysis of your core messages
  • Workshopping new approaches
  • Tips and tricks for optimizing Zoom

You will receive a follow-up email with important takeaways within three hours of completing your session. It includes:

  • The recorded audio of your entire training session, including a machine transcript so you can easily revisit any part of your learning experience.
  • A list of critical takeaways specific to you and your session
  • A private download link for audio and video recorded during the session so you can easily retrace your learning process
  • A link for permanent access to the latest version of the Elevator Speech Framework
  • An invitation to submit another iteration of your narrative for feedback by email
  • A laminated, personalized Elevator Speech Wallet Card shipped to you by postal mail immediately after the training. Its front side lists your specific training takeaways; the back provides a nutshell version of Elevator Speech Framework so you can easily revisit its steps at all times.

Organizations that enroll multiple staff members upon project completion receive messaging recommendations based on the combined insights from all individual sessions. This includes advice on:

  • Messaging regarding the organization’s unique selling point
  • Jargon-free articulation of the organization’s mission
  • Stories to best illustrate organizational differentiation within its competitive landscape

Enrolling a large cohort of training participants (for example, a foundation’s grantee nonprofit partners) is easy. We provide a template for inviting a group with just one email containing information about the training and a signup link.

We also provide a project dashboard to clients that enroll large training groups to make it easy to track progress. The project dashboard contains information about who has scheduled and completed their session, and qualitative and quantitative feedback given by training participants.

More questions? Please contact us.