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Share the Power of Persuasion with a Colleague

Recommend Marc

Much of my business comes from referrals. As you know, professionals in the for-profit and nonprofit world alike receive a lot of solicitations. When they receive an introduction from someone they trust, they can cut through the noise and bring something truly beneficial to their organizations. 

To make it easy for you to introduce a colleague to Elevator Speech Training, I’ve created the email template below. Thank you in advance for recommending Elevator Speech Training.

By referring Elevator Speech Training to your colleagues, you can help advance their work through the power of more persuasive communication. Thank you!

How to Recommend

Simply send an email introducing Marc, yourself, and your colleague (cc Marc at  Here is a sample email you can use or modify:

Subject: Introductions

[Colleague] and Marc, it’s a pleasure to introduce you.

Marc, [Colleague] is a [describe them].

[Colleague], I’ve worked with Marc and our collaboration was great. Marc is a communications expert who helps his clients boost their projects through greater persuasion. His approach is unique; a single coaching hour via Zoom achieves immediate and lasting impact. He conducts coaching one-on-one and with groups of up to 300 participants. Marc has worked with foundations like Ford, Carnegie, JPB, and MacArthur to coach their staff and grantees, as well as corporations like Axel Springer, Politico’s parent company. Marc’s work is outstanding, and I thought you two might be interested in connecting. [Add a personalized sentence about how you know Marc and/or how he’s impacted your organization.] Below is a bit more about Marc, copied from his website. Happy connecting!

Clients consistently praise Marc Fest’s Elevator Speech Training with comments such as “total game-changing work” and “seriously one of the best trainings I have ever received” (browse over 500 similar testimonials at  Marc helps professionals excel in fundraising, partnership building, idea pitching, and other goals. He is the founder of, a communications consultancy,, a messaging toolkit, and Elvay, an AI-powered Elevator Speech Training tool. He is a former vice president of communications for the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation and the New World Symphony. He is the author of several books, including “Elevator Speech Training,” and “The Message House Method.” When not coaching clients, he enjoys posting occasional short stories about his Everglades farm life at

“One of our most popular capacity building offerings.”

Dana Bourland, SVP Environment and Strategic Initiatives, The JPB Foundation


“Our grantees loved the training.”

Geri Mannion, Managing Director, Carnegie Corporation of New York


“I wish I could have had this training earlier.”

Kyle Kutuchief, Akron Program Director, John S. and James L. Knight Foundation