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Payment Terms

There are two payment options for Elevator Speech Training packages:

OPTION 1 (packages of 1-19 sessions)
100% payment upfront for all training sessions

OPTION 2 (packages of 20 or more sessions)
50% upfront and 50% when half of all sessions of a training package are completed.

Engagements for less than $2,000 must be paid for by credit card.


We require upfront payments because Elevator Speech Training, from a business point of view, is a bit like an airline.

When a training package gets deployed, participants immediately book their “seats” (i.e., a training session at a specific time) which then cannot be sold to somebody else.

Additionally, with many training cohorts, often several months of our training inventory become blocked all at once. Also, participants can rebook their flights (i.e., sessions) as needed.

Our payment terms make it possible to accommodate participants who rebook their session multiple times and take longer than originally planned to finish their training.

In sum, the payment terms enable us to give participants maximum convenience and control regarding their training sessions, and to give ourselves predictability in terms of cash flow and the business operation.