“Despite facing the everyday stress of the Coronavirus pandemic, I found Marc’s elevator pitch training to be incredibly useful.”
Jamie Withorne, Research Assistant
James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies
“Even though this is a stressful time, I found the training really energizing, and it helped me think through how to package and communicate my work now and in the future.”
Lilly Adams, Independent Consultant
Nuclear Voices
“I found it very helpful to practice my elevator pitch with Marc while working from home during COVID-19 social distancing.”
Elizabeth Threlkeld, South Asia Program Deputy Director and Fellow
Stimson Center
“Even given all of the anxiety and uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, the training helped me focus on how important my work is.”
Natalia Slavney, Research Assistant
Stimson Center
“As I was struggling with stress and lack of concentration amidst the rapidly changing public health situation, the training brought my mental focus back on the purpose of my work. “
Sayuri Romei, Public Policy Fellow
Wilson Center
“This training experience was great! Marc really did his homework and the session was incredibly valuable. I am a big fan of training and professional development, but find that it is often poorly executed and leaves me wanting. But, Marc blew me away and I can’t wait to recommend him to my colleagues.”
Cecili Thompson Williams, Executive Director
Beyond the Bomb
“It’s a brief but extremely useful session that will help you craft or improve your message. Very professional and friendly.”
Pavel Podvig, Senior Researcher, Weapons of Mass Destruction and Other Strategic Weapons
United Nations
“The framework that Marc provided was very helpful.Marc did a phenomenal job in helping me refine my pitch, and gave me multiple opportunities to test it out. Recording the sessions, watching it back together, and listening to the feedback from each section was also invaluable.”
Sara Kutchesfahani, Senior Policy Analyst
“This really helped me clarify what things to include in my elevator speech and how to best hit the highlights.”
Tara Drozdenko, Managing Director
Outrider Foundation
“I appreciated Marc’s research before the session that made the training very personalized, and his ability to be flexible. I walked away with a strong sense of where I can improve and how to do so.”
Michelle Dover, Director of Programs
“Marc helped me to more clearly and concisely convey the most vital aspects of my current professional goal, and how to most effectively solicit support. In an hour, I went from having a rambling discussion of my goals to a compelling 3 minute pitch.”
Annelle Sheline, Research Fellow
Quincy Institute
“Marc expertly identified my strengths and weaknesses in communications and provided concrete ways to improve my pitch. I was amazed at how quickly and visibly I had improved by the second recording. Marc had clearly done his homework and knew the nature of my work even before we began the training, which allowed him to give professionally-relevant advice. I especially appreciated his positive attitude that made the experience enjoyable rather than stressful. Thank you!”
Jessica Lee, Senior Research Fellow, East Asia
Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft
“Whether a frequent public speaker or occasional one, elevator speech training is an effective tool for anyone who wants to hone their skill-set for reaching their audience.”
Lora Saalman, Associate Senior Fellow
Stockholm International Peace Research Institute
“Marc provided a supportive space in which I could express my insecurities and offered concrete guidance on how to address them. He gave me clear, concise feedback on my pitch that made me feel MUCH more confident about my ability to be a spokesperson. Thank you!”
Kathleen Richards, Communications Director
Women Cross DMZ