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Script an Elevator Speech in nine simple interactive steps.

Does your work address a pressing problem? Then this tool is an easy way to get started with creating  a script for your elevator speech. Simply fill out the text boxes below. When done, click the “Save as Word” button on the bottom to download your Elevator Speech in Microsoft Word format.

STEP 1: Title


Elevator Speech for Fundraising

STEP 2: Audience


Potential Donors

STEP 3: Brevity & Clarity

Make a solemn vow to stay clear and brief

The Message House Generator automatically analyzes your text for clarity.  Green means very clear, orange means less clear, red means unclear. To increase clarity, use shorter sentences and shorter words. Also, try to keep the length of your texts below the limit indicated below each input box.

STEP 4: The “What”


We’re a nonprofit selling solar panels. They cost half the normal price and can be self-installed. We make energy freedom possible for everyone.

STEP 5: The Why, summarized


Look, we all have a big problem. Climate change is an existential threat for all of us.

STEP 6: The “Why” in examples


For example, just last week, 3 million homes in Northern California went dark because the power company had to shut down the power to prevent wildfires. At the same time, fossil-fuel dependent power plants are heating up our planet. It all happens faster than the worst predictions. Scientists now fear the climate could change within decades instead of centuries. It’s a do-or-die situation.

STEP 7: The solution, summarized


We offer an inexpensive and easy solution for producing your own green energy.

STEP 8: The solution in examples


Just twenty of our solar panels are enough to power a small business operation, like a dentist office. We make switching easy. For example, installing one of our panels only takes thirty minutes. All you need is a Phillips-head screwdriver. You can do it all by yourself. And because our battery system uses a novel form of Lithium Ion, you’ll be able to keep the lights and ACs on even at night.

STEP 9: Validators


The State of California recently bought 1,000 of our solar sets for a test installation in Sacramento. Inc Magazine named us among its Top 100 Planet Savers.

STEP 10: Personalization


Climate change is personal to me. My parents lost their home in the 2018 Camp Fire, California’s worst wildfire in history. This was my childhood home. They are lucky to still be alive. And now they live in a temporary home whose power gets shut down almost every other week.

STEP 11: Urgency Recap


As I said, it’s a do or die situation. So we are doing something.

STEP 12: Call to action


One thing you can do is visit And if you see me standing around during the breaks at this conference, please come up and say hello.

Click “Save as Word” to download your Message House in Microsoft Word format.

PS: This page will redisplay all text entered when you return (in this browser only), unless you click “Clear all texts.”

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