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Framework for the “Elevator Situation”

Step 1 – Kick-off

“Wow, <name>, it’s great to meet you…”

You initiate the communication.

Step 2 – Icebreaker

“I greatly admire your work at <organization>.”

A bit of flattery can break the ice. VIPs are human, too. 

Step 3 – Status 

“My name is… I’m a/the {role} at {organization}.”

Allow your listener to “peg” you.

Step 4 – Value proposition

“I/we have developed a {thing/project/product/model} that would be extremely useful to your efforts in [xyz area].”

Convey that you have something to offer that aligns with the self-interest of your listener.

Step 5 – Unique selling point

“Our approach is different because {hint at your secret weapon}.”

Something intriguing about your approach.

Step 6 – Validation

“We already have {mention existing success / supporters / demand}.”

Instill confidence and increase interest.

Step 7 – Action

“Who on your team would be a good person for me to contact about this?”