Training areas

Our training focuses on  helping you communicate in three different situations:

The 3-minute “appeal”

These are situations when you have approx. three minutes (for example, during round-robin introductions on a conference panel) to make an impression on an important audience (like potential funders and partners).

Learn how to:

  • Convince with ease.
  • Create urgency.
  • Reduce complexity.
  • Instill confidence.
  • Prompt action.

The 30-second “pitch”

These are situations similar to the proverbial encounter in the elevator. Imagine running into an important person and literally having less than a minute to get their attention.

After the training you’ll be ready to:

  • Seize the moment.
  • Instantly appear legit.
  • Know what to skip.
  • Convey your unique selling point.
  • Open the door to next steps.

Media Interviews

Media interview situations range from being interviewed on TV (including via Zoom calls) to phone conversations with reporters.

We help you:

  • Be ready for prime time.
  • Deflect difficult questions.
  • Stay on message.
  • Perfect your body language.
  • Know interview ground rules.