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EST Course – Video Script – Make your claim

Just as a quick note that underneath each video in this course, you’ll find a link to its corresponding transcript. This provides a convenient way to recap the key points of the lesson if you want to do that. Clicking on the link will open a new page, so you will maintain your progress in the course without any interruptions.

In this first step of your pitch, you’ll express WHAT you do coupled with HOW a unique advantage sets you apart.

Here are some examples: Let’s say your company assists architects in constructing more energy-efficient homes; then your edge could be the diverse pool of experts on your team.

Or perhaps you help pediatricians dramatically improve the way they assess new patients. Your unique edge could be a framework that simplifies this transformation.

In my case, I help people become more persuasive, so what is my unique edge? It’s simplifying the process into a three-step formula – the very one we’re delving into at this moment.

You see, a common misstep is simply focusing on describing what you do, neglecting to highlight the unique advantage that makes you exceptionally good at it.

The reality is that pointing out our advantage will get us a lot more attention than just talking about what we do.

So, in this step, you will intertwine ‘what you do’ with ‘how your unique edge makes you stand out’. Begin with a phrase like “the point is” or “in essence”. These phrases act as beacons, guiding your audience through your narrative. They’re known as signposting phrases. You’ll notice that each of our three steps commences with a signposting phrase. It attracts attention and ensures your narrative is easy to understand for your listeners.

So, give it a try! Please write your unique selling point into the text field. Remember, perfection isn’t the goal here. This is just a workshop, and it’s OK to be unpolished. You can always come back here and make edits, plus, you’ll receive a copy of everything at the end, enabling you to refine your text at your leisure.

Also, if you want, you can use one of the templates adjacent to this video to formulate your USP. Simply fill in the blanks

All right, let’s get started! Please give it a try, and I’ll see you on the following page..