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EST Course – Video Script – Introduction

Hey there! I’m Marc, the guy behind Elevator Speech Training. Welcome to this quick online course. I’ve designed it to help you craft your unique selling point or USP.

A Unique Selling Point is super useful when you want to capture the attention of potential supporters, partners, employers or clients. It highlights what sets you apart. It’s about what makes you special.

Let me show you a brief example of a unique selling point. It includes just three steps. It’s based on the formula we’ll cover in this course.

So, let’s say I’m a scientist pitching my biomedical startup company to a potential investor. Here’s what my pitch might sound like:

Here’s the thing: we can test chemical compounds much more quickly than our competitors. And that gives us a real opportunity to find a cure for XYZ Cancer.

For instance, we can test 20,000 compounds in three hours using just a single test tube. Our competition needs 20,000 test tubes—one for each compound—and it takes them three weeks to achieve the same results.

The bottom line is that we have a real chance here.

Sounds persuasive, right? This course will guide you in pitching your own USP just as convincingly using the same three steps. The beauty of this formula is that you can apply it to any point you’ll ever make in your life.

The course should take you about 20 minutes to complete. But don’t worry! If you need to pause and continue later, hit the “Continue Later” button. The system will save your progress and give you a link that you can use to resume where you left off.

Also, when you navigate this course by clicking the next buttons, you may sometimes have to wait a few seconds while the artificial intelligence engine does its thing, for example, at some points it will generate different ways of expressing an idea to give you food for thought.

At the end of the course, you’ll receive your pitch via email so you can keep improving whenever you want to. You’ll also get a couple of one-pagers explaining how to apply the three-step formula in various speaking situations.

All right, it’s time to dive in! Click “next,” and I’ll see you on the following page.