EST Course – Video Script – Finish

Congratulations on crafting your initial pitch!

Here’s a useful tip to further refine it: Record yourself reciting it, then sit back and listen to the playback. Don’t shy away from the sound of your own voice; trust me, it’s a goldmine for insights. You’ll discover nuances and ideas that aren’t as apparent when you’re just reading the script silently or aloud. The act of listening in a relaxed state can reveal remarkable insights.

If there’s one gem I want you to hold onto from this course, it’s the metaphor of the fish. Remember, reaching into the bucket and showing your listeners that tangible, wriggling, shimmering fish is what fuels persuasion.

I hope you found this course engaging and insightful. If any questions arise, don’t hesitate to hit the ‘Contact’ button on our website at

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I hope you’ll use your newfound persuasion powers to reach your goals. Enjoy the journey!