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EST Course – Video Script – Draft your landing line

Welcome to step 3, the conclusion or, as I like to call it, your landing line. This is the thought you want to stick in your listener’s mind. The idea you want them mulling over and possibly even repeating at dinner that night. For that to happen, it needs to be concise. Ideally, it encapsulates just the most relevant idea from your claim.

Being brief in your landing line is not just about being memorable, it’s also a show of confidence. It’s like saying, “I know my value proposition and I don’t need to ramble on.” A signposting phrase like “the bottom line is…” signals you’re ready to land. Remember, these signposting phrases help your listeners navigate your narrative and make you come across as confident, well-prepared, and in command.

Maintain a conversational tone and avoid marketing jargon. A simple sentence is often more effective. For instance, policy advocates for marriage equality would conclude with, “the bottom line is, love is love.” But depending on your claim, it could be as straightforward as “To sum it all up, we have a real chance here.” Or even, “Essentially, what I’m trying to say is, you’ve got this.”

The key is to keep it simple and hone in on the most compelling idea from your claim. So, give it a whirl! Enter your landing phrase into the text field and hit ‘next’ when you’re ready.