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FROM: Ellen Lurie Hoffman, Senior Director of Federal Policy, National Housing Trust

“Marc helped me prepare for an upcoming important meeting with the White House to advocate for resources to make affordable rental housing energy efficient and climate resilient. His suggestions were incredibly helpful.”

In just an hour, Marc helped me distill complex institutional language.”

Joshua David, Co-Founder, The High Line

“Please do yourself a favor and learn about Marc’s ‘secret sauce.’ It will change your life.“

Alberto Rodríguez, Board Member, OneAmerica

“Marc is an exceptional coach who knows exactly what he is doing.”

Ryan Myers-Johnson, Executive Director, Sidewalk Detroit

“Marc’s Elevator Speech Training was, quite simply, transformational.”

Heidi Binko, Executive Director & Co-founder, Just Transition Fund

“Marc’s training was like hitting a re-start button.”

Gladys Limon, Executive Director, California Environmental Justice Alliance

“I have never experienced a more streamlined, to-the-point, and helpful one-hour training session.”

Ben Strauss, CEO and Chief Scientist, Climate Central

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What’s unique about us

Elevator Speech Training helps people get better at attracting interest and support by changing how they talk about what they do. It is a Zoom-based crash course rooted in the well-known Message House Method. It requires just one hour, is one-on-one, personalized, and uses a simple worksheet that makes it possible to build your pitch in eight easy steps. Clients at all levels of communications experience have praised the training. For more details, please click here.

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