Each engagement comprises one training hour (one-on-one) and preparation and research on our part to personalize the coaching.


Single engagement 


For professionals who want to improve how effectively they talk about themselves or their work, this 1-hour training session will identify the most important opportunities for improvement and create actual solutions. This individual session includes up to four elevator speech practice runs, with immediate feedback. Trainees receive download links to all videos recorded during the session and follow-up support like feedback on a script or outline.

Two-engagement package


For professionals looking to solidify their improved elevator speech, this 2-hour package includes creating and collaborating on a script, and further practice based on it. Whereas the first session focuses on identifying the most effective improvements, the second session will be used to lock in the new best practice for the improved elevator speech. Clients receive download links to all recorded video and follow-up support like feedback on a script or outline.

Three-engagement package


Sometimes during elevator speech training, it becomes apparent that there is an opportunity to improve a client's key messages. We will analyze your key messages and improve them using the Message House method (www.messagehouse.org), with a focus on clarifying the value proposition, big-picture importance, and preempting skepticism related to a client's project. 

Ten-engagement package


There is an increasing awareness of the importance of communicating an organization's purpose and values, in addition to just its mission. Employees are often expected to do so, but they receive no support or coaching for it. Elevator speech training offers an efficient way of ensuring your staff can talk about their work effectively and joyfully.  For organizations, elevator speech training offers an efficient shortcut to turning staff members into powerful messengers.

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