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Elevator Speech Training AI-Pilot Application

Welcome to a New Frontier in Training!

Elevator Speech Training, led by Marc Fest, is evolving. We’re excited to introduce Elvy, our new AI-powered chatbot assistant coach, who’s here to make our training more accessible to your team.

Why Join the AI-Pilot?

  1. Unlimited Training: Selected organizations can train any number of staff members. No more restrictions.
  2. Flexibility: Schedule training at your convenience.
  3. Innovative Approach: Experience firsthand how AI can enhance communication training.

How to Apply:

  1. Fill the Form: Provide your organization’s details and your reasons for wanting to join the AI-Pilot.
  2. Wait for Confirmation: Once shortlisted, we’ll get in touch with the next steps. For this pilot, only four organizations will be selected.
  3. Start Training: Use the power of Elvy and Marc Fest to revolutionize your team’s communication skills.


To apply to participate in our AI Plot Project, please fill out this form.