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About Marc Fest

Marc Fest

Marc Fest

Marc Fest helps his clients attract more support to their cause by changing how they talk about what they do and why they care. His Elevator Speech Training (EST) requires only two one-hour, one-on-one training sessions. It has garnered praise and testimonials from more than 85 CEOs and executive directors who experienced the training. Marc is a former vice president of communications for the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation and the New World Symphony. He is the creator of, a free messaging toolkit helping thousands of NGOs, companies, nonprofits, and governments create key messages and increase messaging discipline.

For people who do not have the opportunity to use his Elevator Speech Training services, Marc offers its framework as a free do-it-yourself download at

Marc struggled with a speech impediment when he was a child, so helping others communicate better today has special significance. He lives at a remote farm in the Everglades. When he is not coaching clients, he enjoys hanging out with his Belgian Shepherd dog Zeus and an assortment of lizards, sparrow hawks, and raccoons. He posts occasional short stories about his experiences in the Everglades at As a side project, he designs t-shirts, hoodies and other clothing to promote the idea that we are all in the same boat (