Building a StoryBrand: Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen

By June 11, 2019 No Comments

At Elevator Speech Training, our coaches constantly read books related to elevator speeches, persuasion, pitching, etc. In this Highlights Blog, we share a brief comment/summary on each book, and the passages that we found most interesting and highlighted for ourselves.

Marc’s Comments

In this book, the author, Donald Miller, promotes a 7-step framework for articulating the story of your brand. He calls it the “Storybrand Framework.” He encourages readers to sign up on his Web site at mystorybrand.com for a guided, templated tour through the creation of a story brand. (I didn’t do this).

In a nutshell, Miller describes the seven steps like this: “A CHARACTER who wants something encounters a PROBLEM before they can get it. At the peak of their despair, a GUIDE steps into their lives, gives them a PLAN, and CALLS THEM TO ACTION. That action helps them avoid FAILURE and ends in a SUCCESS.”

I find the seven steps certainly to be helpful with brainstorming key messages. You can combine this framework with another one I like (and offer for free on another site of mine), the Message House Method. Check it out.

For me, the most important takeaway from reading this book was the notion of framing your customer as the hero, as opposed to oneself (i.e., the service provider).